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‘There Are 2 Ways Ahead’: IAS Officer’s Message For UPSC CSE Aspirants Who Didn’t Make It

IAS Officer Jitin Yadav shared his experience of failure in the UPSC CSE exams, offering tips for aspirants who “didn’t make it to the final list” through his viral post on X.

‘There Are 2 Ways Ahead’: IAS Officer’s Message For UPSC CSE Aspirants Who Didn’t Make It

‘Ctrl + F’ is probably the most dreadful combination on the keyboard for a UPSC aspirant. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announced the result of the Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2023 on 16 April. Thousands of aspirants looked for their names on the final list, and while the ones who found it rejoiced, the ones who didn’t make it felt dejected.

How do you cope with this dejection?

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Jitin Yadav shared a message of hope and how to handle failure on X. Titled “For the ones who did not make it to the final list”, he gave his own example of what he did when he didn’t find his name on the “holy pdf”.

His message to everyone who didn’t make it is: “Do not give up. Never. Be proud that you have come this far.”

Jitin recalls sitting in his Gurugram house, heart pounding, as he impatiently checked the UPSC website multiple times to see if the result was out. Finally, as the results were declared, he downloaded the million-dollar final list and checked it thrice for his name. He even did ‘Ctrl + F’ with trembling hands, confirming that he hadn’t been selected.

“I was numb and confused, and thought ‘Why only me?’,” he wrote in the candid post that now has over 1.25 lakh views.

It was a friend who came to the bureaucrat’s rescue that day. Jitin met his friend and received an important life lesson, which applies to everyone in a difficult situation.

“Whatever happens, happens for good only. We can only give our 100%. There are two ways ahead — one to be depressed and do nothing, other to immediately bounce back after a couple of days and do what all past selected candidates have done who faced rejections too,” he wrote.

The IAS officer and author chose the second option and was selected in the next attempt.

It’s also not necessary for everyone to continue on the same path as there are many career options beyond UPSC. To such students, he advises taking a break and then figuring out a future plan.

“Better things are waiting for you,” shares the bureaucrat.

Here’s the entire post:

Edited by Pranita Bhat, Feature Image Courtesy Jitin Yadav/X

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