1. Prasiddhi Singh Prasiddhi Singh, born in Chennai, was four years old when Cyclone Vardah struck, destroying her favourite trees. This left a lasting impact on her and paved the course of her life going forward.

Known as a young environmentalist, the 11-year-old has planted thousands of trees in Mahindra World City, including 28,500 fruit trees and 20 mini forests.


She also founded the Prasiddhi Forest Foundation, where she aims to increase green cover and promote recycling. With her foundation, she has planted 1,00,000 trees so far.


2. Thaaragai Aarathana Born and raised in Karappakam, Chennai, she shared a passion for ocean and marine life just like her father. “Thaaragai was already swimming at the age of 3 and started scuba diving when she turned 5,” he shares.

Wanting to do something to protect the aquatic life, the father-daughter duo started taking deep dives to pull out plastic from the water. So far, Thaaragai has completed 45 dives and given more than 70 community talks. The duo has collected over 1,200 kg of plastic waste and ghost nets together.

3. Aman Sharma Aman (18), very passionate about the environment, spent most of his time at forest reserves developing a love for bird-watching. “Just seeing the kind of destruction that we have been doing to the environment and in turn to these creatures breaks my heart,” he says.

He also petitioned the Prime Minister and the Union Minister for Housing and Urban Development to take note of the issue and act accordingly.