1. Käse

Founded by Anuradha Krishnamoorthy and Namrata Sundaresan, this Chennai-based venture offers 20 varieties of cheese with mozzarella, feta, and minted halloumi leading the bestseller list.

Käse employs disabled women as cheese-makers and makes local, artisanal, fresh and organic cheese.

2. Eleftheria Cheese

Winning a silver rating for its Brunost cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2021, this Mumbai-based creamery is a haven for cheese enthusiasts.

Started by Mausam Jotwani, they offer different types of cheese crafted from fresh cow’s milk and goat’s milk. If you’re feeling fancy, they provide cheese boards and platters too for your next house party!

3. Kodai cheese

Located in the foothills of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, this family-run business is one of the oldest in the country, started in 1972.

Their cheese — classified as hard, semi-hard, or soft — includes varieties, such as parmesan, mozzarella, mustard gouda and red chilli cheddar.

4. The Spotted Cow Fromagerie

Started by brothers Agnay and Prateeksh Mehra, this Mumbai-based creamery makes fresh artisanal cheese.

Satisfy all your cravings right from the bocconcini di bufala, burrata, and black truffle brie to Indian-inspired cheese like Camembay and Bombrie!

5. The Cheese Collective

Started by Mansi Jasani in 2013, this Mumbai-based creamery offers delectable hand-crafted cheese varieties — that are either made by them or curated from other cheesemakers.

They offer platters to cheese boards made of chèvre, labneh, and camembert among others. They also conduct cheese-tasting and pairing workshops.

Mumbaikars, you can Whatsapp them on 9820059926.

6. Begum Victoria Cheese

Founded by Shruti Golchha and Manu Chandra in 2018, these Bengaluru-based fromagers offer handmade cheese made using A2 milk.

Their bestsellers include truffle brie, bel paese, havarati, manchego, fetta, cheddar and more. They also sell cow’s ghee, crackers, and smoked honey.