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India Heatwave: Solutions For Climate Problem & Pollution

Climate Change is real. But what can we really do about it?

Simple answer: You can start by educating yourself and others around you!

The heatwave in India 2024 has pushed northern India’s temperatures past 50°C, shattering records and intensifying the country’s environment problems. Alongside the extreme heat, environmental degradation in India poses severe health risks from air pollution, water contamination, and waste issues.

But what how can we solve these huge problems?

This episode of The Better India Show focuses on innovative solutions to climate change and environmental degradation in India. We talk to three green innovators who are implementing sustainable practices, such as aquaponics and biofuel production, to combat air pollution and climate change.

Our conversation emphasizes practical steps individuals and communities can take to create a healthier, more sustainable future.

00:00 Intro
00:52: Meeting the Innovators: Sustainable Solutions
02:42: Peter and Nino’s Sustainable Home**
07:29: Aquaponics and Community Greenhouses**
13:52: Sukmit’s Journey and Industrial Solutions
21:38: Impact & solutions for fossil Burning
25:38: Practical Implementation of Aquaponics
34:00: Practical Tips for Home Sustainability
38:48: Community Initiatives and Scaling Solutions
47:06: Economic opportunities in Biomass & sustainability sector
56:14 Community and Education for Sustainability
1:10:06 Corporate Responsibility and Climate Action
1:24:59 Future Prospects and Final Thoughts

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Hosted by Dhimant Parekh, each episode features deep dives with entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders addressing India’s complex issues like Climate Action, mental health, fitness & Well being, financial health, education, and jobs.

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