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Architect’s ‘Beehive’ Cooling System is Affordable & Reduces Electricity Bills by 65%

Monish Siripurapu has created ‘CoolAnt’, a natural cooler that uses the design of beehives to reduce room temperature during summer.

Architect’s ‘Beehive’ Cooling System is Affordable & Reduces Electricity Bills by 65%

In the scorching summer heat, the demand for energy peaks, increasing our electricity bills. While air conditioners and artificial coolers not only drain our pockets but also harm the environment.

Delhi-based Monish Siripurapu has come up with an affordable natural air cooler that not only keeps you cool in summer but also helps cut down on electricity bills by up to 65 percent! 

The architect has designed CoolAnt which harnesses the power of nature to keep spaces cool and comfortable. Interestingly, its terracotta design is inspired by the efficient cooling techniques of beehives and brings together sustainability and functionality in one package.

The system utilises terracotta cones arranged in a beehive pattern. Water is allowed to flow over the terracotta cones which acts as a natural cooling agent, absorbing heat from the surroundings. It then uses the process of evaporative cooling to release a gentle, refreshing breeze into the living spaces.

“It is the re-adaptation of traditional methods, combining ancient systems with modern technologies. We are opening buildings to nature instead of building installations for conventional urban structures that shut their inhabitants into these closed boxes,” says Monish.

The startup observed that this structure can comfortably reduce the temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius. “At the factory, we reduced the temperature from 45-47 to 32 degrees Celsius because the water temperature was 26-27 degrees Celsius,” informs Monish.

In 2019, CoolAnt was among the 12 winners in the Asia-Pacific Low-Carbon Lifestyles Challenge. It bagged a $10,000 grant from the UN Environment.

Learn how CoolAnt is helping homes and commercial establishments reduce their power load.

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Edited by Padmashree Pande.

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